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Reading about Twitter’s new hire Kevin Thau (new Director of Mobile Business Development) reminds me that we still owe you several series previously mentioned here which you have not seen.  They are on their way (but  currently stuck as WIP somewhere between our brains and our keyboards).  Why am I bringing this up?  Well, one of those series has to do with mobile strategy (which after all is supposed to be one of the main topics of this blog) so of course the fact that Kevin will be “working on our mobile business strategy,” is a very positive step forward in this field.

Generally speaking mobile strategy is aimed in two directions:

  1. Externally – which mostly covers how you will present your company, brand, products and services to mobile phone users in their mobile context.   Unfortunately for most a mobile strategy only means having their website viewable from a smaller form factor.
  2. Internally – this involves equipping workers to be productive and efficient when mobile.  This type of mobile strategy among other things includes mobility policies, mobile end user segmentation (profiling), technology roadmaps and a few other things (more whenever that series comes out).

Due to Twitter’s size I doubt that this strategy has to do anything with assisting and equipping their internal users when mobile.  Twitter can’t ignore the mobile space and that’s why they are building a mobile strategy.  Twitter is already accessed and updated by mobile users.  Kevin’s position is externally facing and has to do with first type of mobile strategy as outlined above.  Although he will not specifically concern himself with mobile enterprise users you really can’t have a mobile strategy without impacting mobile workers.  So one way or another those that use or manage mobile technology in their day to day jobs will be impacted by Kevin’s work (to some extent).  At the very least we would expect some interesting partnerships to come out of Kevin’s work that may be a first attempt at incorporating Twitter into mobile processes.   Please note the use of the word attempt is on purpose.

In any event… congratulations Kevin!  Let us know how we can help!

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