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This post is a weekend special to continue the discussion that started elsewhere and has been going on for quite some time now; certainly much longer than we – the Mobile Strategy Blog have been around… 😉  Some of you may have already seen it while for others it will be brand new.  Although it might seem backwards

Below is the Mobile 2.0 Cloud by Heike Scholz first released in May 2008 which I found through Rudy at m-trends while doing research on mobile application trends for a client.  Paul Golding over at Wireless Wanders tried out three different versions using Wordle and provides a few words to start building your own.

Mobile 2.0 Cloud by Mobile Zeitgeist

Click to enlarge

You can click here for a larger hi resolution version.

A few questions to think, comment and for further posts:

  1. Considering the speed at which mobile moves, is it current enough for you?
  2. Understanding that mobile 2.0 is not about the device and that devices probably would not fit… does this cloud feel incomplete without devices like iPhone and BlackBerry on it?
  3. For those of you who deal with messaging and mobility on a daily basis as part of your job (SME or Enterprise)… how applicable is this cloud to you?
  4. What would you add?
  5. What would you take off?

There have been other mentions of this tag cloud but with little comment (at least in English) … Although early in our history here hopefully we can spur a few more comments here… Check out previous mentions here and here and through a google search here (lots of German ones).

2 thoughts on “Mobile 2.0 Cloud

  1. Heike

    Psssst, “iPhone” is there…right upper corner. 😉 Must say that BB is missing, Android too. But I created this tagcloud in May 2008. I will think about it whether devices should be in the Mobile 2.0 cloud or not.

  2. Jose HC Post author

    Ooops! I am always told by people close to me that I ‘skim’ instead of ‘read.’ Guilty again! The iPhone has been transformational … but before the iPhone was the BlackBerry and I am very excited about what the next few months will hold for enterprise mobility with business opening their doors to the iPhone.

    Thanks for dropping by Heike… You are like a celebrity to me :)


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