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Last week Google announced a slew of new features for Google Analytics.  As we posted on Friday of special interest to us is the expanded mobile reporting capabilities.  Please note that if you are looking for an Enterprise solution or for something that will help you understand overall mobile behavior you will not find it in the expanded mobile reporting from Google Analytics.  Even those writing about are still very much focused on the mobile marketing and mobile advertising spaces.  I am sure that comes to no surprise to you, however, more attention should be given to actual mobile end user behaviors in an effort to understand users not as advertising consumers but as overall consumers and of course of interest to many of you – as enterprise users.

This from the Google Analytics Blog:

Expanded Mobile Reporting: Google Analytics now tracks mobile websites and mobile apps so you can better measure your mobile marketing efforts. If you’re optimizing content for mobile users and have created a mobile website, Google Analytics can track traffic to your mobile website from all web-enabled devices, whether or not the device runs JavaScript. This is made possible by adding a server side code snippet to your mobile website which will become available to all accounts in the coming weeks (download snippet instructions). We will be supporting PHP, Perl, JSP and ASPX sites in this release. Of course, you can still track visits to your regular website coming from high-end, Javascript enabled phones.

iPhone and Android mobile application developers can now also track how users engage with apps, just as with tracking engagement on a website. What’s more, for apps on Android devices, usage can be tied back to ad campaigns: from ad to marketplace to download to engagement. Check out the SDKs and technical documentation on mobile apps tracking to get started. And coming soon, you’ll be able to see breakout data on mobile devices and carriers in the new Mobile reports in the Visitors section!

I am sure some of you will test this in the coming weeks and we will have a better idea of what its true value and differentiators are.

In the meantime here are some other places writing about it:

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