Freedom In Mobility

The criticism (more like the complaint) we hear a lot these days has to do with our ‘over-connectedness.’

We are told that people are too connected… That it is interfering with personal lives and affecting our quality of life.


Is it technology’s fault or is it our inability to say no to technology that is affecting us?

It is like you or I walking into an all-you-can-eat buffet. We have the freedom to eat all we want. But do we? Or do we draw the line somewhere? (I know many don’t).

Connectivity and being connected everywhere (that’s what we call mobility – or better yet freedom) is not ruining our society.

Is it that we are allowing our priorities to get out of whack? Or did that mobile device force you to…?

Mobile technology offers us the freedom to be connected and to choose when to be connected – through that fabulous little feature…the off button.

Isn’t it just like everything else in life?

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