App Store Market Data (from AppsFire)

The mobile service AppsFire released some interesting numbers recently, which are provided for you down at the bottom.  Before the numbers first a brief explanation of what AppsFire is:

AppsFire allows you to share with your friends your lists of favorite iPhone Apps. All you have to do is download and install AppsFire app on your Mac or PC, let is scan your Apps on iTunes. Then it will point you to your private AppsFire page where you can decide which app you will share and actually share them the way you decide (email, social networks or widget).

In other words, it is a social service that enables you to share what apps you have installed as well as seeing what your friends have installed and what they think about these.   Take a look at their home page below.   It is a service similar (yet different) to Yappler.

AppsFire Front Page

AppsFire Front Page

Okay, so what are the numbers?

[AppsFire] used a sample of 1200 appsfire users (meaning that we know precisely what each user has) and took anonymously (we insist on the privacy respect), a picture of what’s exactly installed on each single iPhone. We then aggregated this data to produce a unique overview about what can be found “on average” in an iPhone.

Now for the numbers… (remember it is based on 1200 users)

  • Over 15,000 unique apps installed
  • On average 65 apps installed per device
  • $80 spent per iPhone
  • $1.56 = Average price of paid app (including free apps)
  • $2.87 = Average price of paid app (excluding free apps)
  • $0.99 = Median price of paid app
  • 7% of users only have free apps (and typically less than 20 apps installed)
  • 65% of the apps installed are free (vs. 35% paid)
  • The biggest conclusion out of all this is that through data extrapolation the folks at AppsFire claim the total App Store market to be around $3.3 Billion.

    If we take the information at face value it is an incredible number that will continue to fuel the App Store phenomenon. However, I would caution at taking these figures as given mostly because I would consider AppsFire users to be iPhone and application powerusers (i.e. junkies). Many of the iPhone users I know do not install anywhere near to 65 apps on their device.

    Unfortunately, some will only focus on the dollar figures and continue to feed the craze. What folks don’t realize is that not every brand necessarily needs a mobile application; not every brand needs to be on my hip (or purse) with me. Folks need to recognize that a mobile strategy is more than just throwing an app together. Sometimes this might hurt the brand more than it helps. Lots to think about.

    Below is the original Slideshare presentation followed by a video.

    AppsFire Video

    Source: AppsFire Posterous
    This story also appeared on TechCrunch.

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